DOTT is a nice little piece you can put on your desk, wether it’s at work, at school or home. With everything being purely digital nowadays, I wanted to bring back noting using handwriting and sketches, while still being able to save them all in one place. That way you would never again misplace sketches for ideas that you scribbled down long ago. 
It works like this: You write/draw or scribble on the blank paper area, and when you are done you use the tip of your pen to dot inside the circle in the aluminium frame. This triggers a pressure sensor which tells the arduino to start the small servo engine up. (Here you can see the code)The 360 degree servo then spins one round and stops. While the servo spins, the thought is that a small scanner located at the back of DOTT, scans and uploads what you have scribbled to your profile on DOTTs homepage. 
The project was done by me alone.
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